Why choose Spicer Consulting for Magnetic Field Cancelling?

  • By spicerconsulting
  • 09 Apr, 2015

This post outlines some of the reasons to choose Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancelling systems in preference to other competing products.

 There is little to be gained in comparing specifications. Different manufacturers may make different underlying assumptions that make direct comparison difficult. Parameters that compare poorly may be omitted. In any case, some of the most important performance characteristics of a cancelling system are determined by the laws of physics relating the cable geometry to the shape of the magnetic field generated and therefore are not specific to any particular product. However, we can point out some the outstanding features of Spicer Consulting cancelling systems:

 The New SC22, SC24 and SC26 are modern designs with colour LCD displays and a simple user interface.

  • There is a readout of the total magnetic field in addition to the X, Y and Z components.
  • The SC24/SC26 can show AC and DC fields in X, Y, Z and total all at the same time.
  • The readings are in a choice of units mG, nT or uT.
  • There is a Field Ok light and trip and indicators to show which axis has a problem.
  • There are clip indicators to show if the sensor is overloaded.
  • The screen shows you if the sensors/cables are connected
  • The setup results give error messages which help you to fix any installation problems.

 All our systems support 2 sensors and a mixer, making a virtual sensor adjustable in position along a line between the physical sensors. This enables the physical sensors to be located further away from the column. This flexibility enables you to reduce sensor overload when a large TEM changes its magnification, or to avoid places where the field is distorted by the column or chamber iron. The mixer can be tuned in to optimise the microscope image.

The SC22 is for AC cancelling only and is competitvely priced. It does not have lots of adjustments. You just press SETUP and it sets its own gain and phase. The SC22 has a USB interface and remote monitoring software.

The new SC24 and SC26 replace the SC20 and SC20Fast. They have the same simplicity of setup as the SC22, using an LCD touch screen. They also have a built-in mixer. The SC24 and SC26 have USB and Ethernet  interfaces and remote monitoring software.

The SC22/SC24/SC26 automatically detects if it is oscillating and shuts itself down. This could happen if someone moved the sensor while it was cancelling.

The SC24 and SC26 have an auto reset feature, which allows them to keep working without user intervention after the microscope has put out a big change in DC level. This happens when a TEM changes magnification. Even some SEM or dual beam systems do this when they change operating mode.

The SC24 and SC26 have the ability to generate magnetic fields for trouble shooting and setup purposes.

We provide a variety of ready built standard cables (Helmholtz for frames, single loop and double loop room cables, single or double loop fast cables for SC20Fast/SC26).

Our systems are CSA certified, which majors on product safety. CSA regularly visits us to check on our manufacturing quality and documentation.

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