Custom Cancelling System Design

Many Spicer Consulting cancelling installations are straightforward. However, the tool requirements or environment sometimes demand a special installation. Spicer Consulting is able to design custom cable layouts using our proprietary  magnetic field modelling software.

Calibration and Repair

If you wish to return an SC11 system or sensors for calibration, or if a Spicer Consulting product appears faulty, please contact us and follow our instructions for returning the product to us. We make repairs under warranty free of charge, including shipping. For other returns, we quote for shipping as well as the work done and await your purchase order before making repairs and returning the product to you. 

Site Survey


Spicer Consulting offers a site survey service in Europe using the SC11 Analysis System. The standard survey provides data about a proposed site for equipment such as a Scanning Electron Microscope. We measure magnetic fields and floor vibrations in X, Y and Z directions and acoustic levels in units appropriate for direct comparison with the environmental specifications of the equipment to be installed.
The latest high resolution TEMs on the market require low levels of magnetic field and magnetic field gradients along the entire column length. Spicer Consulting is uniquely able to offer surveys measuring ththe field simultaneously to obtain this gradient information for both DC and AC fields.


If you are experiencing interference on existing SEM equipment, we can diagnose the cause and recommend solutions.


Spicer Consulting offers world-wide installation of all our cancelling systems. In some regions we send our own engineer. In other regions we appoint our local distributor to perform the installation. Here are some details of installations we have carried out ourselves.

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